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What is the main purpose?

Christians in every walk of life wonder upon seeing a site like this one, "What is the main objective of this mission to the poor?"

Answer: The main purpose of any missionary is to reach people of all walks of life with the Gospel! Rich and poor need to be saved through Christ! Jesus' heart went out for the poor, and a missionary cannot do anything else, but follow Christ's fine example. An evangelist preaches the Gospel, calling people to repent and follow Jesus! When people however are hungry and lack the necessities of life, we who are able are moved with compassion towards them. How can you get the attention from people who have an empty stomach? We ought to take care of their basic needs first, and then show them the way to Christ!

True, a response is not always positive, but if we do our best, God, our heavenly Father will do the rest! When people indicate that they wish to receive Jesus, and to accept Him as Savior and Lord, we can pray with them. All you Christians out there in the world; do you care? Will your heart be filled with love toward those poor souls when they cry out for help? The word of God is powerful, and our love towards the poor can change lives a hundred fold. The fruitage of the Spirit is love dear friends, and we of all people who believe in Jesus should be the ones to manifest that love and compassion to the world at large, as a testimony of our faith! Yes, this mission needs help financially, but also your prayer support. Our ultimate goal is to reach souls for Christ! But help them in humanitarian ways to supply their needs! To God Be The Glory! 

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