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Rev. Daniel N. Dhaene lives on an Island, has no car, no Motorcycle, no telephone lines; as a matter of fact, he struggles to keep his mission going, as thus far there is very little financial support! He therefore reaches out world-wide for help, hoping and praying that people have enough love in their hearts to help out. At 75 years of age, he still remains very active amongst the poor, and in the prisons.  So he needs your prayers,  financial support,  and any gifts you can send such as: Bibles, Christian litterature, Christian movies, (VHS_DVDs) light clothing,(all sizes) sandals, shoes, toys, dolls and the like. There are no phone lines on the Island where our mission is located. Internet connections therefore are from an Internet Cafe! We would very much like to purchase a Satelite Disk, to communicate better in a variety of ways. In the Philippines that costs around 25,000 Pesos, At the rate against the U.S. Dollar (46 pesos per Dollar) it is out of reach for us as a mission! Can you help us out? One cannot help but wonder why TV Preachers who put on a good show standin in front of the camaras with $600.00 suits, rake in millions of Dollars and Euros, and a missionary, gets no support at all. Why?

We are not here dealing with self-enrichment as some of the scams on the Internet, but, a world-wide outreach for the prison ministry! I realize that people are very reluctant to send money to missions, due to the usage of some people who constantly roam the Internet, to fool people. We are 100% on the level, and open to scrutiny and investigation!
Check with the Lucena Police Department, the local Mayor, the Governor of Quezon Province, to see if we are genuine workers amongst the prisoners and the poor.
You can send your donations (however Small) to:
 Rev. Daniel N. Dhaene The Open Bible Christian Mission, Brgy Barra, Purok 3, Lucena City 4301, Quezon Province, Philippines. To date my Dear Friends no financial support has come in. One would think that humanitarian Christians would find it in their heart to help. Surely, if everyone of them would give; no matter how small it might be, we could move mountains!

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