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Male, 75 years old
Lucena, Quezon
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About me
Born and raised in West-Flanders Belgium.Grew up during the devastation of World War II, experienced poverty and deprivation first hand. No banana, orange, pear, or apple; no shoes for 5 years, or clothing of any kind. Hungry yes! And at times had to eat beets and fodder that were mainly for cows! That is an experience imprinted on my mind, and the main reason why I have a deep concern for the poverty-stricken people in the Philippines! At age 22 immigrated to Canada. For the last 8 years doing work in prisons, and amongst the poorest of the poor. Not hungry for fame or wealth, but in doing the Lord's will, in reaching out.As a Born Again Christian since 1976, My heart goes out to people in all walks of life, and I want them to find the truth as is found in God's word the Holy Bible. I really wish I could do more in that area! Please, pray for the success of my mission.

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interests Any kind of knowledge related to the Holy Scriptures, history, singing, writing and gardening.Helping people improve their lot in life, by reaching out to them.
favorite music All kinds of music, as long as it is morally uplifting and good.Christian music and songs being my favorite.
favorite tv shows Too busy most of the time to even watch the news on television. Time flies by so quickly, and why waste it on watching the television?
favorite movies Good movies that are morally upbuilding.
favorite games Not interested in games.
favorite books The Holy Bible being what interests me foremost, and books on history and Acheology catches my interest above all
school Courtrai, Belgium.
occupation Missionary
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